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Fernie Juice and Smoothie Bar

Evolution’s delicious Fruit & Whey Smoothies, discover your favourite flavour!

Tropical Smoothies in Fernie- Malibu Peach:
Peach, mango.
- Jungle Mist:
Strawberry, mango, coconut.
- Go-Mango:
Mango, banana.
- Palm Breeze:
Peach, vanilla, banana.
Berry Smoothies in Fernie- Jazz Berry:
Raspberry, vanilla.
- Summer Berry:
Strawberry, banana.
- Wild Berry:
Raspberry, strawberry.
- Surf Berry:
Peach, raspberry.
Add additional Healthy Boosts:Get your Fresh & Fruity Card:
- Double Whey
- Antioxidant
- Creatine
- Prepay for 6 smoothies, get 1 free!

Another reason to feel good… All our Juice Bar cups, lids and straws are made from eco-friendly, compostable corn oil!

Why New Zealand Whey? Conforming to the strictest dairy standards in the world, NZ whey guarantees free range cattle that are pesticide, hormone and chemical free! NZ Whey means simply the highest level of product safety, environmental sustainability and humane animal treatment!