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Moderate exposure to sunlight is crucial for the maintenance of good physical and psychological health. This is especially a concern for northern countries such as Canada where we are exposed to far less natural sunlight during the shorter, darker winter days. It’s the warmth of the sun that brings forth life every spring!

3 Reasons Why People Tan:

  • Beat the “Winter Blues”– Sunlight makes us feel good! Its why we flock outside to enjoy the warmth of a sunny day and feel dreary and drained in the low exposure of winter months. Without regular sunlight we tend to feel depressed and lethargic!
  • Before the Beach – Indoor tanning before your next destination holiday can be a vacation saving decision. With a healthy base tan you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your vacation and be less likely to risk a sunburn as you go from little sunlight to intense sunlight!
  • Boost your Health – Sunlight stimulates our immune system and has an undeniably uplifting psychological effect! We know that pasty, pale skin instinctively looks and feels unhealthy, so add a moment of sunshine to your weekly routine and you’ll notice the change!

International Smart Tan Network MemberThe Tanning Studio at Evolution Health features:

  • Stand-up and laydown solariums
  • Smart Tan Certified
  • Professional staff to assist you
  • Late night and weekend availability
  • Tanning bulbs that are changed annually
  • In-room XM-Sirius satellite radio music
  • Eye protection is mandatory… free goggle use available
  • Beds sanitized by our staff after each session
  • In-between Sessions: Leave 48 hours in-between tanning sessions
  • Showering: do not shower for at least 2 hours after your tanning session
  • Booking an appointment: Phone or drop-in to see if a bed is open!

The Tanning Studio Pricing:

100 Minutes
(minutes valid for 1 year; may be shared by a couple)
$55.00Note: Youth under 18 are not permitted to use indoor tanning. All prices subject to Government Taxes.
6 Visit Vacation
(vacation pre-tan special)

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