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Fernie Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer Services

Fernie Personal Trainer and KinesiologistWith our certified Kinesiologist Personal Trainers you will see better results faster!

Whether you want just a single session to develop your custom exercise approach or continuous one-on-one workout support… time spent with a personal trainer will literally change your life!

Custom Exercise Programming
Achieve your specific exercise and health goals, such as an increase in strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility.

  • Improved motivation: A personal trainer motivates you pass limitations and help you achieve goals that you never thought possible!
  • Enhance Results: Those who exercise with a personal trainer achieve up to 80% better results and up to 3X faster than on their own!
  • Better Accountability: With a personal trainer you will exercise more consistently and stay committed to your goals!

Fernie Personal Training Services

Fernie Personal TrainerAthletic Training – Sports Conditioning
Competitive athletes focusing on dynamic sport specific exercises can improve balance, range of motion, strength, coordination and stabilization!

  • Enhance your speed, power and stamina
  • Reduce soreness, muscle fatigue
  • Correct muscle imbalances and overuse issues

Our trainers work with every ability level from recreational, weekend warriors to NHL superstars!

Athletes are particularly susceptible to demanding repetitive movements and the stresses of an activity can accumulate negative effects on our bodies. This can cause tightness of muscle groups, imbalances of strength, coordination or muscle stabilization. These imbalances are often the root of many injuries, soreness and fatigue!

Rehabilitation/Athletic Therapy
Whether its chronic pain or a specific acute injury, proper rehabilitation can mean the difference between a full recovery and a lifelong limitation!

Fernie Active RehabilitationTake these 3 steps to optimize your recovery:

  1. Assessment – If the injury is obviously serious, you can not move the injured part or you are unsure of the nature of your injury, have it assessed by a physician or physiotherapist.
  2. Mobility – The first stage of rehabilitation is to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain and to begin working on range of motion and stabilization.
  3. Conditioning – Once you have plateaued with physiotherapy you may now see a Kinesiologist personal trainer to begin a strengthening and conditioning program that will help ensure a full recovery.
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